Porcilis® PRRS

For Animal Use Only

Live attenuated PRRS virus strain DV: at least 104 TCID50 per dose.

For active immunization of clinically healthy pigs in a PRRSV-contaminated environment, to reduce viremia caused by infection with PRRS virus. For fattening pigs, the respiratory tropism is relevant. A significant improvement – reduced morbidity due to PRRS infection, better daily growth, and feed conversion – until the end of the fattening period was observed in vaccinated pigs during field trials. For breeding pigs, the reproductive tropism is relevant. A significant improvement of the reproductive performance of PRRSV-contaminated environment and a reduction of transplacental virus transmission after challenge was observed in vaccinated pigs. The interest of vaccination with Porcilis PRRS lies in a obtaining a heterogeneous and high immune status against PRRSV in a herd. Immunity has been demonstrated via challenge at 28 days post-vaccination. A duration of immunity of at least 24 weeks has been demonstrated.

Vial 50 doses.

Registration Holder:
Intervet (M) Sdn Bhd
TACB 41/08